Thank you for your interest in Service Learning

The websites below were Service Learning projects done by students of CPT 255. Some of these websites were ultimately used by their clients, and others served as learning opportunities for students only. To view the official versions of any of these websites, you should contact the client. For example, to view the official Service Learning website for the university, go to http://www.purdue.edu/servicelearning/index.html.

1, Purdue's SL Draft Homepage

This site was done as a homepage with information regarding what Service Learning is all about at the university. Done by:

2, Purdue Spanish SL Homepage

A site designed to support administrative functions for managing Spanish Service Learning at the university. Done by:

3, Computer Information Technology Project Management

The goal of this site was to allow the Computer Information Technology department a much more efficient way to manage all their currently ongoing projects. Done by: Mohak Shah, Julian Hollow, Johne Smith, Mike Henry, and Kyle Johansen.

4, Association for Operations Management

This was a site designed for chapter members to check message boards and an online schedule. Done by:

5, Greater Lafayette Sexual Assualt Prevention

This site was created for GLSAPC, as a was to help spread prevention knowledge. Done by:

6, Purdue Advanced Sensor Lab

A web site created to monitor the use of lab equipment. Done by:

7, Purdue CIMT

8, Purdue Women in Aviation

An example of a web site created for an interest group, Purdue Women in Aviation. Done by:

9, Small Scale Digital Devices

The purpose of this site was to register digital devices. Done by: